Become a Millionaire: 5 ways Crypto can help you

Many investors are already getting on the bandwagon of cryptocurrencies. And you may have your eye on Bitcoin (CRYPTO: BTC) particularly if you want to add digital currency to your portfolio.

Bitcoin is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies, and although its value has changed drastically this year, many regard it as a real investment and a great potential to make money. However, with the goal of making it a billionaire, before you plunge money into Bitcoin there is another lucrative – and a less hazardous – investment worth exploring.

Invest in the broad market

While Bitcoin is likely to make a great deal of money, there also is a safer approach to generate enough wealth to become a millionaire—investing in the broader stock market. Loading on S&P 500 index funds, in particular, may make you extremely rich without assuming the dangers of bitcoin investment.

Index funds are passively managed funds that are aimed at matching the performance of their linked market indexes. In the meanwhile, the S&P 500 is a marketed index built by market capitalization, the 500 largest publicly listed firms.

The index funds S&P 500 and the S&P 500 itself are being established. And you might easily wind up being a billionaire several times when you invest in them.

Over the previous 30 years, an average yearly return has been generated on the S&P 500 index of 10.7%. This does not mean that the index is successful every year. In reality, it produced negative returns for several years.

However, if we believe the index is capable of generating equivalent returns over three decades, and you are investing $500 a month in S&P 500 index funds that you generate an average annual return of 10.7 percent over the following 30 years yourself, you would reach 1,13 million dollars. Make it 1000 dollars a month, and that is 2,25 million dollars you may enjoy.

What makes the 500 S&P safer than Bitcoin investment? It’s straightforward — long, long, and it has a longer history of rebounding from downturns and winning investors. We don’t know what type of permanent power Bitcoin has been around only a little more than a decade ago.

In addition, Bitcoin’s future value will depend mainly on how much demand is there for it and that Bitcoin has to become a widely acknowledged currency to ensure that demand is high. But it is too early to determine whether or not this is going to happen, and then S&P 500 index funds can be a lot better choice if you’re searching for a means to develop substantial wealth without being exposed to a risk environment.

To be obvious, this is not to suggest you’re not supposed to invest Bitcoin money. However, it is still worth putting the majority of your assets on the stock market, and S&P 500 index funds are a wonderful means to long-term investment.

Here are the best 5 Ways Crypto can help you become a millionaire

You’ve probably heard about cryptocurrencies, particularly in the last decade, and if you’re a freshly grownup, it implies you’ve recently begun working and have a good amount of liquid money, and don’t have many bills to pay or costs to make. But you must have a secret desire to get wealthy sooner so that you may fulfill all of your ambitions and live a lavish life. To begin with, you must work really hard and remain focused and devoted to your task. However, if you want to supplement your desire to become a millionaire, you may invest in cryptocurrency right now.

In practice, Bitcoin is a digital means of exchange that is widely accepted on the worldwide market. It is a virtual asset that is digitized and safely stored in a computerized ledger for security. There are nine cryptocurrencies on which you may rely and trust your money. Invest today to become a future billionaire. Bitcoins, Chainlink, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Lite-coin, Tron, Binance coin, Stellar are the order of the coins. It is considered to be a risky and highly rewarding option for investment.

Please explain how to become a millionaire by investing in cryptocurrency:

1. Hodling and buying

Hodling is a new word for buying prospective sections of valuable cryptocurrencies and holding them for an extended period of time while waiting for the price to rise and then selling when you believe it is adequate for you and your family. It does not owe you any interest in your investment in the same way that stocks and dividends do.

2. By becoming a crypto trader

Trading is essentially a legal strategy or means of speculating on market trends, in that you may purchase crypto coins when prices are low or the bars on the graph are leaning downwards and sell when prices rise and make an instant profit.

3. Investing or buying stakes

I know what you’re thinking: the market price of cryptocurrency is exorbitantly high, so how can we invest in numerous equities if we can’t afford the price of a single stake? The solution is that you don’t have to buy the full coin; instead, you may hold a tiny piece of it, just like you can with different stakes.

4. Buy dividends of crypto

Dividends are similar to stocks in that you may purchase and sell according to market trends, but the main distinction is that in dividends you will receive a pre-determined or set amount of interest over the returns.

5. Refer your friends

The easiest approach to make quick money is to use your contacts and connections to suggest items or stocks in which you feel they would buy or invest, and if they do, you will receive an immediate commission.


Try, trust, and invest in cryptocurrency now since time is ticking and if you invested in crypto five years ago, you would already be a billionaire by now, but that’s alright. Learn from your mistake and start investing right now.